Throwback Thursday: Sigmon Construction Project published in Raleigh’s Midtown Magazine

We recently revisited a project we completed on Drewry Hills and came across a wonderful article in Raleigh’s Midtown Magazine.  We’ve included an image of the article and are including a link to the PDF here:

Midtown Magazine Article


For the convenience of our clients and hopefully future clients (hint hint), we’ve included text from the article.

Beautiful Homes of Raleigh
By David Fellerath

Raleigh is booming, whether it’s new restaurants, expanding recreational opportunities, or top rankings on magazine lists. It’s all well-deserved.
The next couple of years will see a doubling of high-end apartments located within a mile of downtown. But for all of the growth, there is an old Raleigh, too. We spoke to four homeowners to learn how they’ve turned their existing homes into living spaces that are emblematic of Raleigh’s creativity and dynamism.

Drewry Hills Remodel

It’s a creek, not a river, that runs through Drewry Hills, but this body of water provides a link between past and present for Chester and MA Allen’s sweeping and stylish remodel. Chester, a land broker with the global realty rm CBRE, grew up nearby and was attracted to the lot, which features a tributary of Crabtree Creek. When the property became available, the Allens bought it even though it was, in MA’s words, “a really terrible house.” After a months-long remodel, that is no longer the case. MA, an interior designer with three employees, planned and oversaw an extensive overhaul that changed virtually the entire footprint. New ooring and drywall was applied, while interior brick, save for the replace, was removed. With a family that now includes a daughter, much of the Allens’ living takes place in a spacious kitchen and dining area that was created by knocking out a wall, thus opening up a room with front and back windows above the garage. In the backyard, an outdoor entertainment area features a replace and pop-out television screen, perfect for Chester’s football viewing parties.